Beirut. Echo of the Silence.

Beirut, the city of all voices and noises, the city where resonances of the world’s languages have met the sounds of bells and canons. Through it all Beirut has been silent. In her perpetual silence lives the memory of hundreds of generations, thousands of years and ever-changing experiences… Through it all Beirut has not yet revealed her true self, nor has she spoken the final words of her own story.

brahim samaha has a particular connection with Beirut and finds inspiration in every corner of the city. In this series of paintings, brahim does not portray still frames; he blows life into them with a meticulous technique combined with passion and deep knowledge of the city’s transfiguration. The metal leaf and perspectives he incorporates into his artwork catch the daylight variations and recreate them right on his canvas. You are not looking at one single moment in Beirut but at its dynamic colors through time, from dawn to dusk.